The Opportunity Fund

Sno-Isle Libraries Foundation $250,000 Opportunity Fund


The Opportunity Fund is a Sno-Isle Libraries Foundation initiative to strengthen access to the Sno-Isle Libraries District that is equitable and inclusive across Snohomish and Island Counties.


The Coronavirus crisis has heightened and exacerbated the challenges of under-resourced families and communities. The challenges facing families and communities existed before the health crisis, and will persist after it ends. The Sno-Isle Libraries Foundation Opportunity Fund will address needs directly related to the health crisis and address long-term challenges preceding it.


  • Deploy equipment and materials to students in under-resourced communities that will allow them access to Library services, strengthen literacy, and participate more fully in online education to improve their academic success throughout the Coronavirus crisis and beyond.
  • Invest resources in economically stressed communities so that families can access job training, job seeking tools, and educational services that the Library provides.

Our Investments

  • Provide laptop computers for students identified as in need by school districts so those students can participate in digital classes during school closure and access library services such as online tutoring, study groups, and Book a Librarian.
  • Provide Wi-Fi hotspots to economically stressed communities so an entire family can access the Library's educational, employment, and collection resources.
  • Provide books to students identified as in need by school districts to improve their reading and educational skills with the closure of schools and the onset of summer. Books would be delivered in coordination with school districts, food banks, and other community partners.

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Community Partners

We greatly acknowledge the community partners that make our mission a reality.

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