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Gail Sailer reading on a couch, surrounded by books.

Gail Sailer, Edmonds

Gail Sailer

Disclaimer: This snippet is written by Gail Sailer, who thinks Gutenberg's printing press was, and remains, the world's greatest invention and whose guiding principle comes from Francois Mauriac: "If you would tell me the heart of a man, tell me not what he reads, but what he rereads."

I must thank my mother Grace for reading to me daily as a child and then introducing me to our hometown public library and librarian Ann Graves.  I spent many hours happily ensconced in a sunny nook reading through biographies, history, historical fiction and most books that have landed on various Book Ban lists! Libraries have always been my sanctuary of choice.

Wherever I have traveled, I've always sought out and supported the local public library. In ALL cases, I've felt immediately at home and peace within its walls. Not a day goes by that I don't have a book in hand or on my Kindle and a Bluetooth in my ear, listening to stories that take me everywhere and anywhere.

Reading is a gift I've passed on to my children, and I'm gratified that as adults, they both voluntarily read for pleasure. I've saved the volumes of Scholastic Book Club books that I didn't donate so I can read them to future generations.

I'm so thankful to have had a Sno-Isle Libraries card since I moved to Edmonds in 1981. I used CDs and eBooks to accompany me during 38 years of work commutes, walking, yard work, and chores. I've attended author events at the Edmonds and Mukilteo Libraries and participated with my daughters in Edmonds Storytimes.

We all did homework at the library, enjoyed the view from the top-floor outdoor space, and carted home loads of books over the years. My older daughter is convinced that I've read every book in the library. Sadly, I haven't, but with the assistance of Libby and tags, I can now tell her how many I've read every year.

I was honored to join the Sno-Isle Libraries Foundation on a construction tour of our newly renovated Edmonds Library. I found the design and light-filled rooms with beautiful, soothing colors very welcoming. This gem in the Edmonds Bowl will be cherished by many for years to come.

So many books, so little time! What a gift to have this fabulous space to learn, visit, and expand my mind. Thank you, Sno Isle Libraries!


Cheryl Jensen

Sno-Isle Libraries has been my library system for twelve years. During that time, the staff of Sno-isle has consistently provided quality services courteously. When our family fund decided to dedicate a portion of our funds to the promotion of kindness, civility, and etiquette, we chose to work with Sno-Isle Libraries because the employees consistently exemplify kindness and civility. The Sno-Isle Library system has proven to be an excellent partner, utilizing our funds wisely and creatively. We feel fortunate to have access to this fine library system and are pleased to support them in this way.

Browse Sno-Isle Libraries' online collection with a focus on kindness and civility purchased with generous support by the De Spain Family Fund held at the Community Foundation of Snohomish County.

Steve & Lin Fogg, Camano Island

Steve & Lin Fogg

Sno-Isle Libraries Foundation provides valuable resources and promotes literacy in our communities through a wide array of programs. We have been avid readers from a young age, and because of this, we are lifelong learners. We take advantage of the benefits that come with a library card - free copies monthly, 24-hour Express Lockers, and free online public access to newspapers, magazines, podcasts, e-books, and much more. Our library is the heart of our island community and we support it through membership in the Camano Island Library Friends. Please help keep our libraries strong by supporting the work and outreach of the Sno-Isle Libraries Foundation.



Rim Benoud-Schmitz, Edmonds

Rim Benoud-Schmitz

I am committed to supporting the Sno-Isle Libraries Foundation to ensure that our community members have equitable access to library resources. Every donation made is an investment in the growth and development of community members who might otherwise lack the means to access these resources. Libraries hold the power to transform lives, and I am honored to play a part in making that transformative potential accessible to everyone in our community. As a child, having access to libraries opened doors to a world of resources that I would have never otherwise encountered. Libraries became my sanctuary, fueling my passion for reading and nurturing my intellectual curiosity.

Becky Bolte, Oak Harbor

Becky Bolte

When I think of Sno-Isle Libraries and the Sno-Isle Libraries Foundation, the word that comes to mind is “community.”  In over 20 years of involvement with Sno-Isle, that is what I have most appreciated. Each of the 23 libraries is an important partner with the people and organizations in their local community. Sno-Isle Libraries has supported schools and families through the Third-Graders Read Together program, a critical age to build excitement about reading leading to future success academically and in life.  Community-wide reading through book discussion groups and Whidbey Reads, now in its 20th year, brings community members together to connect over books. The Trudy Sundberg Lecture Series with the support of the Foundation and many community sponsors has brought an eminent speaker each year to inspire and educate residents. Public Internet access, online databases, children’s story times, and legal, medical, and consumer information are just a few of the free services available to all. I am pleased to provide continued support for our libraries.

Jackie & Frank DeFazio, Camano Island (joined here by daughter Patti DeFazio)

Jackie & Frank DeFazio

To those who know us, it comes as no surprise that our family are longtime supporters of the Sno-Isle Libraries Foundation and the 23 libraries it works to support. After all, we are lifelong readers and learners, and that’s what libraries are for, aren’t they? That – and so much more. Libraries archive our history. They level the playing field by providing equal access to information for everyone. They are centers of our communities – a major resource for early childhood education, a safe gathering space for people of all ages, the one place that guarantees free public internet access to those with limited or no access. We proudly give both time and treasure to the Sno-Isle Libraries Foundation to help support programs and projects that will ensure that these critical community resources will not only survive—they will thrive.


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